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Ukrainian Real Estate: TMM (артикул: 02182 30334)

Дата выхода отчета: 9 Августа 2007
География исследования: Украина
Период исследования: 2006
Количество страниц: 86
Язык отчета: Английский
Способ предоставления: электронный

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    1. Investment Thesis
    TMM Real Estate Development
    Sector Performance, YTD - chart

    2. Executive Summary
    Getting Exposure to Booming Real Estate Market
    Opportunities Scarce, TMM among the Few
    Leader in High End Housing Market
    Investment Characteristics
    Project Portfolio
    Demand for Housing Fueled by Strong Macro
    Commercial Market: Vast Room for Growth

    3. Market Overview
    Macro background
    Residential Property Market
    Housing Stock in Low Supply
    Prices Reach Record Highs in 2006
    Greater Mortgage Availability to Further Fuel Demand
    The Kyiv Housing Market
    Need for Residential Properties Escalating
    Will There Be an End to Price Skyrocketing?
    Segment Analysis: Where the Promise Lies
    Investment Market: Still Attractive
    Regional Housing Markets
    The Kharkiv Housing Market
    The Zhytomyr Housing Market
    The Yalta Housing Market
    Office Real Estate
    Economic Growth and Structural Shifts Fuel Demand
    The Kyiv Office Market: Far from Saturation
    Retail Property
    Demand fueled by retail trade growth
    Warehouse Market
    Market Players

    4. Profile and Strategy
    Business Overview
    Legal Structure
    Management team

    5.Project Portfolio
    Kyiv Projects
    Chaadaeva 2 residential complex
    Komarova, residential complex
    Triumph, residential complex
    Sun City, residential complex
    Laboratorny, residential complex
    Tankova, residential complex
    Volodymyrska, office premises
    Komod, retail/entertainment and office complex
    Mashynobudivna, office center
    50-richya Zhovtnya, retail/office center
    Gostomel warehousing complex
    Kharkiv Projects
    Atoll, residential complex
    Druzhba, dwelling house
    Flamingo, dwelling house
    Cascade, residential complex
    Carat, residential complex
    Olimpiys'ka, residential complex
    Green Town, residential complex
    L. Svobody, dwelling house
    Moskovskyi, residential complex
    Zhytomyr Projects
    Chornovola and Dytyachoyi Komuny Dwelling Houses
    Crimean projects
    Lesi Ukrayinky, residential/resort complex
    Parkove village, residential/resort complex
    Arabatska Strilka, residential/resort complex
    Cottage Communities
    Obukhiv and Mykulychi projects
    Other Real Estate Assets
    Projects on the Horizon

    6. Valuation
    Valuation Summary
    Relative Valuation

    7. Financial Statements
    Assumptions Used in Financial Projections

    8. Risks
    Major Risks Faced by the Company

    9. Legal Environment
    Mortgage financing
    Construction activities

  • Перечень приложений

    10. Appendices
    Appendix A: Projects DCF Analysis


    Commercial property yields in 2006, %
    Residential real estate construction and stock in Ukraine
    Housing price in 2006
    Outstanding Housing Debt '04, % of GDP
    Mortgage financing in Ukraine
    GRP and housing supply by region, 2005
    Capital gains: residential real estate vs. bank deposits
    Elite apartment statistics, 2006
    Employment change in Ukraine, 2001-06
    Office stock per '000 inhabitants in 2005, m2
    Office space stock in Kyiv, ths m2
    Take-up by company origin, 2006
    Take-up by type of transaction, 2006
    Take-up by industry in Kyiv, 2005
    Retail vs. Income in Ukraine, UAH bln*
    Ukraine's vs. Global retail sector market
    Retail space stock in Kyiv, ths m2
    Shopping center yields, 2006
    Warehouse Space by Class, '05
    Stock per '000 inhabitants '06, m2
    Warehouse Space Prices
    Warehouse Yields, '06
    Business Structure
    Construction completion, ths m2
    Company's ownership structure


    Ukrainian Real Estate Stock Market
    Ukraine's key macroeconomic indicators
    Office premises put into operation in 2006
    Office premises pipeline for 2007-2008
    Retail Centers pipeline for 2007-2008
    Warehouse Space Put into Operation in 2006
    Warehouse Space in Pipeline
    Company's portfolio
    Sum-of-the-parts valuation
    Major assumptions
    WACC Calculation
    Consolidated DCF
    Comparative valuation
    Implied price sensitivity
    Income Statement Summary, USD mln
    Balance Sheet Summary, USD mln
    Cash Flow Statement Summary, USD mln
    UAH/USD Exchange Rates
    Kyiv, Chaadayeva 2
    Kyiv, Komarova
    Kyiv, Triumph (Zvirynetska)
    Kyiv, Sun City (Lomonosova)
    Kyiv, Laboratorny
    Kyiv, Tankova
    Kyiv, Volodymyrska
    Kyiv, Komod (Lunacharskogo)
    Kyiv, Mashynobudivna
    Kharkiv, Atoll (Klaptsova)
    Kharkiv, Druzhby Narodiv
    Kharkiv, Flamingo (Bakulina)
    Kharkiv, Cascade (Kuznechna)
    Kharkiv, Cascade (3rd phase)
    Kharkiv, Carat (Potebni)
    Kyiv, Edelweiss (Olimpiys'ka)
    Kharkiv, Green Town (Akhsarova)
    Kharkiv, L. Slobody
    Kharkiv, Moskovskyi
    Zhytomyr, Chornovola
    Zhytomyr, Dytyacha Komuna
    Yalta, Lesi Ukrayinky
    Yalta, Parkove village
    Arabatska Strilka
    Kyiv, 50-richchya Zhovtnya
    Kyiv region, Gostomel
    Kyiv region, Mykulychi
    Kyiv region, Obukhiv

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