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First, let me congratulate you for your selection to lose the ones extra pounds. You've taken step one to a healthier and happier existence. If you are more than 30lbs overweight or have any pre-current fitness condition, inclusive of diabetes or excessive blood pressure, cross see your medical doctor. Let him realize your decision to lose weight and ask his advice. Make certain to ask:

What is my ideal weight?
What weight loss books, plans or applications do you endorse?
Does my present day clinical condition restriction me on workout?
What are the advantages of seeing a registered dietitian?
Does my medical insurance cover any of the charges of a food plan?
After your docs visit your subsequent step is to set up your weight reduction dreams. Write down your dreams. I cannot emphasize this step strongly enough. Do now not bypass this step. Use the SMART aim design. SMART stands for precise, measurable, motion, practical and time-certain.

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