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Дата выхода отчета: 28 Февраля 2010
География исследования: Москва и Московская область
Период исследования: 2009
Количество страниц: 22
Язык отчета: Русский и Английский
Способ предоставления: электронный

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  • Полное описание отчета

    In the Report you can find the results of real estate market development in 2009 including residential market of Russia, Moscow and Moscow region as well as the detailed analyses of elite segment both town and countryside, sale and rent.
    On the whole we can say that the anticipated construction plans are fulfilled even if the initial plans had to be changed. Throughout 2009, the supply of residential space in Moscow remained at a high level but the best properties in all the segments were quickly sold out. At the same time supply substantially exceeded active demand. The price dynamics in Moscow showed different trends: the prices declined early last year and bottomed out in the second half of the year.

    Throughout 2009, the elite real estate market activity remained low. At the same time the elite rental market showed relative stability despite the crisis influence.
    The overall supply structure of the countryside residential real estate market of Moscow Region underwent serious changes in 2009 as a huge number of economy class projects offering land plots without building contracts came into the market. In the wholesale land market of Moscow Region the number of land plots put for open sale grew substantially.


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    Residential real estate. Russia. Moscow region. Residential construction...………………………………….………..…...…5
    Residential real estate. Moscow. Residential construction. Projects and Programs………………………………….…….…...……6
    Residential real estate. Moscow…………….………………..7
    Residential real estate. Elite segment. Moscow. Sale…….…………………………………..…….……….……..10
    Residential real estate. Elite segment. Moscow. Rent……..13
    Countryside. Land market.…………..….................................18


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    Approximately 16.5 million sq. m. of residential space was introduced in Russia in January-May 2010, which constitutes 99% of the total volume of residential space construction, re- corded in the corresponding period in 2009. In Moscow, accord- ing to the Federal State Statistics Service, 492.9 thous. sq. m. of residential space was introduced in January-May 2010. De- crease amounted to almost 38% compared with the same period in 2009. At the same time in the first half of 2010 developers became more active and the "unfreezing" of the majority of the suspended construction projects was noticed. According to the results of the first half of 2010 the supply volume in the residential market of Moscow declined and amounted to 200 houses (1.07 mln. sq. m.). Supply volume re- duction is connected with a temporary suspense of sales in sev- eral complexes and also sales completion in new buildings, where single offers remained. In the first half of 2010 a consider- able raise of buyers’ activity both in the primary and in the sec- ondary market was recorded. Besides, a positive price dynamics was noticed. In June 2010 the average price in the secondary residential market in Moscow amounted to 175,6 rubles per sq. m. ($5,650 per sq. m.). The average price in the primary market reached 161…
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    Map 4.2. Russia. Opening of new hotels. Source: Blackwood research and data from open sources In October three hotel properties under international operators’ management were opened in regional cities. These are the first in Russia properties under Doubletree by Hilton brand in Novosibirsk (4*, 188 rooms) and Tui Hotel Kaluga in Kaluga (Tui Hotels&Resorts, 4*, 136 rooms and 74 apartments), as well as another property of Park Inn chain – Park Inn Kazan (3*, 151 rooms). It is evident that these hotels are meant predominantly for business-tourists, the property in Kaluga is oriented mainly towards employees of Volkswagen factory, located nearby: apartments (about one third of the hotel fund) may be used for a long-term accommodation of foreign employees of the company, conference-premises – for corporate events, negotiations, trainings holding. Tui Hotel Kaluga location in the place of concentration of the potential consumers of services reflects a modern trend of hotels development, oriented towards the satisfaction of business demand, which is expressed more vividly in Moscow, where business-hotels projects are drawn towards formed business districts. Map 5.1. Moscow Region. Delivered countryside projects Source: Blackwood research and data from open sources In October 2010 the No…
    All rights reserved. This report has been prepared for information purposes only. The data and information contained herein are the exclusive property of Blackwood Real Estate company. Reproduction of the report in total or in part is allowed only with a prior written permission of the Blackwood real estate company. Quoting is allowed with refer- ence to the source COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE MARKET OVERVIEW In Q3 2010 the trend of new properties delivery rates reduc- tion continued – no large high-quality office property was deliv- ered to the market. Thus, the overall supply of “A” and “B” class high-quality office premises remained unchanged and amounted to approx 10,5 mln. sq. m. The main trends in demand for office real estate, which the market demonstrated in Q3 2010, were the following: • demand for rent and purchase of premises still re- mained lower than the pre-crisis indices, however, it confirmed the trend of the market recovery; • average rentable area was gradually increasing; • stable demand for non-investment purchase of of- fices remained rather high (the main buyers were banks, state corporations). Activity in the market of high-quality office premises rent and purchase remained rather high in Q3 2010, which against the background of considerable decrease of deliver…
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    Факторы, влияющие на рынок Формирование цены на рынке недвижимости происходит под воздействием внешних и внутренних факторов. Выделяют следующие группы внешних факторов: К внутренним факторам рынка недвижимости относят: Цены на российском рынке недвижимости определяются совокупным действием многих факторов. Наиболее важные из них: КОЛИЧЕСТВЕННЫЕ ДАННЫЕ О РЫНКЕ В сфере строительства недвижимости на территории Москвы в последние месяцы отмечаются признаки роста после периода падения, вызванного мировым финансовым кризисом, считают в столичном правительстве. В целом в сфере строительства ситуация тоже наблюдается немного лучше, чем в прошлом году. Это связано и с психологическим фактором: инвесторы в прошлом году пережили сильнейший стресс, вызванный кризисом, а сейчас они поменяли свое отношение к издержкам в строительстве, у инвесторов появилась внутренняя
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    1. КЛАССИФИКАЦИЯ СТРОИТЕЛЬНЫХ ЛЕСОВ По разборности По назначению По материалу По конструктивным признакам Классификация строительных конструкций По геометрическому признаку По материалам 2. СПРОС И ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕ СТРОИТЕЛЬНЫХ ЛЕСОВ Предложение строительных лесов Спрос на строительные леса Баланс спроса и предложения строительных лесов 3. ПРОДАЖИ СТРОИТЕЛЬНЫХ ЛЕСОВ 4. ПРОИЗВОДСТВО СТРОИТЕЛЬНЫХ ЛЕСОВ ЦЕНА ПРОИЗВОДСТВА СТРОИТЕЛЬНЫХ ЛЕСОВ 5. ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛИ СТРОИТЕЛЬНЫХ ЛЕСОВ ЦЕНА РЕАЛИЗАЦИИ СТРОИТЕЛЬНЫХ ЛЕСОВ 6. БАЛАНС ВНЕШНЕЙ ТОРГОВЛИ СТРОИТЕЛЬНЫМИ ЛЕСАМИ ЭКСПОРТ СТРОИТЕЛЬНЫХ ЛЕСОВ Натуральный объем экспорта Стоимостный объем экспорта Средняя цена экспорта ИМПОРТ СТРОИТЕЛЬНЫХ ЛЕСОВ Натуральный объем импорта Стоимостный объем импорта Средняя цена импорта ЭКОНОМИЧЕСКИЕ ПОКАЗАТЕЛИ ОТРАСЛИ «ПРОИЗВОДСТВО ДЕРЕВЯННЫХ СТРОИТЕЛЬНЫХ КОНСТРУКЦИЙ И СТОЛЯРНЫХ ИЗДЕЛИЙ» Финансовый результат отрасли Экономическая эффективность отрасли Инвестиции отрасли Трудовые ресурсы отрасли ЭКОНОМИЧЕСКИЕ ПОКАЗАТЕЛИ ОТРАСЛИ «ПРОИЗВОДСТВО СТРОИТЕЛЬНЫХ МЕТАЛЛИЧЕСКИХ КОНСТРУКЦИЙ» Финансовый результат отрасли Экономическая эффективность отрасли Инвестиции отрасли Трудовые ресурсы отрасли ЭКОНОМИЧЕСКИЕ ПРОФИЛИ ВЕДУЩИХ ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛЕЙ Регистрационные данные организации Объем производства по видам пр…
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